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MADISON Spring Air Bed (Mattras Only)

Kasur ini dilengkapi dengan system euro top dan latex alami dari Eropa, serta didukung 7 zones sehingga dapat menopang tubuh Anda dengan sempurna dan bagus untuk peredaran darah Anda.

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  RP 13,700,000  
Cicilan 0% Rp 2,283,333/Bulan 6x
Cicilan 0% Rp 1,141,667/Bulan 12x

Dapatkan tidur yang nyenyak dan nyaman dengan teknologi kasur spring pocket on pocket merk SPRING AIR MADISON.

your back

The Back Supporter mattress series offers you a combination of exceptional back support and pressure-relieving comfort

innovation that Takes
Sleep To next level

Patented designs and technologies that are unmatched
by any other bedding company.

Back Supporter Mattress

The Back Supporter range of mattresses is designed to provide back relief through exceptional spinal alignment and pressure relieving comfort. Body aches and pains are minimized as bonell springs aid in reduction of motion transfer and functional stability.

The softness of super soft foam is supported by individually pocketed springs which form the inner strength of the mattress. This construction ensures individual sleep zones where body & spinal movement runs top to bottom and not across, thus leaving the sleeping partner undisturbed.

Features & Benefits

  • Firm Feel


    Firm enough to give exact
    posturized support to back.

  • Reversible


    Reversible, can be used from
    both the sides

  • Durable


    Flanging and Hoggering makes

Ukuran : 160 x 200 cm

RP 4,797,600
RP 3,998,000
RP 11,680,000
RP 5,998,000

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