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ELECTROLUX WATER HEATER EWS301DX-DWM AquaPro Storage Water Heater (30L Digital)


Reduces blackout risk
30% faster convenient shower
Durable for long period

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Highly reduced chance of a power outage

With flexibility to choose and accommodate your power supply needs, shower in comfort continually at times of unstable power supply, simply by setting at a low-power level of 300W with the adjustable power control.

Relax in comfort at 30% faster

The adjustable AquaPro water heater delivers a fresh shower experience by heating water up to 30% faster*. This means that you can relax in comfort quickly.

Durable for the long haul

We want you to relish your refreshing shower without worrying about durability or performance. The AquaPro tank comes with single welding and a magnesium anode against corrosion and leakage.

Your reassurance on safety

A suite of advanced safety features provide the utmost assurance for you to bathe in comfort.

Flexibility at your fingertips

The temperature control knob gives you the flexibility to enjoy your shower experience by adjusting temperature easily.

An elegant complement to your bathroom

An aesthetically-pleasing stylish and modern premium design blends seamlessly into any modern home.

Size & Capacity

Net Weight (kg)13.5

Type & Setup

TypeStorage Water Heater

Product Profile

  • Thermostat75 Derajat C/ 93 Derajat C
  • RELAY2

Electrical Specifications

Power Rating (KW)0.3/0.5/0.8


  • Height390 mm
  • Width 455 mm
  • Depth455 mm



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